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Burdekin Falls Dam Hydro-electricity

Sunwater has supported several investigations into harnessing the significant energy potential stored in Burdekin Falls Dam. Stanwell is currently completing an Options Analysis Report led by Building Queensland for a hydro-electric power station that would generate electricity as water flows from the dam during normal operations and spill events.

What’s involved?

  • This detailed business case, in consultation with Building Queensland, will assess the most appropriate location, size and form of power generation and a 30-50 megawatt hydro power station being considered
  • Sunwater and Stanwell are also looking at the ability to accommodate larger hydro options, particularly if the dam was raised and storage capacity increased.

Major milestones

  • Finalisation of the detailed business case is expected in mid-2019.


Burdekin Falls Dam, North Queensland
Approximately 200km south of Townsville.