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Service targets

We meet regularly with our customers to better understand how our services can meet their water needs.

Based on this consultation, Sunwater has developed water supply arrangements to deliver water as efficiently as possible for customers in each of our water supply schemes. We publish these water supply arrangements and report to customers against the agreed Service Targets.

Water supply arrangements and service targets

Service Target
Applicable schemes
Target Target exceptions

Planned shutdowns – notification
For shutdowns planned to exceed 2 weeks All8 weeks
6 months – Mareeba-Dimbulah

 4 weeks – Nogoa Mackenzie
For shutdowns planned to exceed 3 days All except Eton and Proserpine 2 weeks

 3 weeks – Bowen Broken Rivers

 4 weeks – Mareeba-Dimbulah
For shutdowns planned to exceed 5 days Eton and Proserpine 3 weeks
For shutdowns planned to be less than 4 days Mareeba-Dimbulah 5 days Nil
For shutdowns planned to be less than 3 days
All except Mareeba-Dimbulah 5 days
2 days – Eton

7 days – Proserpine
Unplanned shutdowns – duration Unplanned shutdowns
will be fixed so that at least partial supply can be resumed
Barker Barambah, Bowen Broken Rivers, Boyne River and Tarong, Bundaberg, Lower Fitzroy, Lower, Mary River and Upper Burnett

48 hours
72 hours – Bundaberg

7 days – Bowen Broken Rivers
During Peak Demand Period Burdekin Haughton, Callide Valley, Chinchilla Weir, Cunnamulla, Dawson Valley, Eton, Macintyre Brook, Maranoa River, Mareeba-Dimbulah, Nogoa Mackenzie, St George and Upper Condamine

48 hours 72 hours – Mareeba-Dimbulah

4 days – Upper Condamine

Outside Peak Demand Period

As per During Peak Demand Period

5 working days

7 working days – Upper Condamine

Unplanned shutdowns – notification

Affected customers will be notified of the likely duration of the interruption to supply

Within 24 hours of SunWater learning of the event or by the end of the first business day following the event, whichever is the earlier
Maximum number of interruptions
Planned or unplanned interruptions per water year All 6 10 working days – Bundaberg, Burdekin Haughton, Eton and Mareeba-Dimbulah

Meter repairs Faults causing restrictions to supply will be repaired All Within 1 working day 2 working days – Bowen Broken Rivers, Burdekin Haughton and Proserpine

10 working days – Bundaberg, Burdekin Haughton, Eton and Mareeba-Dimbulah
Complaints and enquiries Initial response (Acknowledge) All5 working days Nil
Resolve or provide written response All21 days Nil