Sunwater Siren

Sunwater has installed dam emergency warning systems (sirens) at six locations across Queensland.

Please note that the sirens are not currently active for use. Sunwater is working with Councils to determine how the sirens will be used and the warnings that follow.

The siren will notify residents in the highly unlikely event of a dam failure. The siren will not be activated in the event of water releases or downstream flooding.

They can provide verbal instructions or make a traditional siren sound to an audible radius of three kilometres. Siren warnings are in addition to our existing emergency SMS notifications.

Even though dam failure is incredibly rare, we’re taking precautions to ensure our community is safe.

Dam failure might occur if a dam wall is damaged and releases uncontrolled large volumes of water. Common causes might include large earthquakes or erosion of the surrounding land.

Dam failures are extremely rare. In Australia there has only ever been one instance in the past 90 years.

Siren locations

Warning system details and location
Coolmunda DamSiren at Inglewood

‘Road Subject to Flooding’ signs at Dam Access Road
Callide Dam2 x sirens at Biloela
‘Road Subject to Flooding’ signs at Linkes Road
Teemburra DamSiren at Saddle Dam (near Pinnacle)
Kinchant DamSiren, camera and ‘Road Subject to Flooding’ signs at Antony’s Road
Paradise DamSiren at Paradise Dam

‘Road Subject to Flooding’ signs at Booyal Crossing
Fairbairn Dam2 x sirens at Emerald

Fast Facts

  • The sirens are 14 metres high and feature audio equipment, a power source and telecommunications
  • Once active, automatic silent tests will be performed on the sirens weekly
  • Within the three-kilometre radius, a siren’s volume ranges from 70-110 decibels (a vacuum cleaner is 70 decibels and a car horn from one metre away is about 110 decibels)
  • The sirens are solar powered with battery back-up and can run for up to 24 hours once activated .