Notice: Ben Anderson Barrage maintenance work

The Bundaberg region has been impacted by ongoing record dry conditions which has led to low inflows to our storages and low levels in the Burnett River. This provides Sunwater with an opportunity to undertake the next round of maintenance work to replace shutters at Ben Anderson Barrage to ensure its ongoing safe and reliable operation. 

Sunwater is continuing to provide water to our customers in line with announced allocations. 

Sunwater needs to hold the river level at 1.8 m on the upstream side of the barrage during this maintenance work which is scheduled to commence in late October and expected to be completed in November. This means that the water level will be lower than normal.  No water has or will be released past the barrage to facilitate this work.

We do not plan to make releases from upstream storages to the barrage until the work is complete.

A total of 110 shutters will be replaced across the course of the project, with 16 shutters targeted for replacement this year. The new shutters have an improved design with a longer life expectancy.

This work is scheduled to commence in late October and is expected to be completed in November, during which cranes, and other construction equipment will be in use. Releases from upstream storages will be used to return the barrage’s upstream level to 2.5m on completion of the works.

If rain produces significant inflows, the planned works will need to be rescheduled. Sunwater will be monitoring this closely.

Sunwater reminds anyone considering recreational use of the river to read the signs, look for hazards and stay aware of their surroundings. 

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