Winter school holiday safety reminder

Safety tips for visiting a dam or weir

As we enter the winter school holidays here in Queensland, Sunwater would like to remind visitors to keep safety front of mind when visiting our assets for camping or recreation.

To keep you safe, we restrict access to some areas around our infrastructure where conditions can be dangerous and unpredictable. 

Restricted areas are also in place to protect aquatic species such as fish. Remember to check the signs to understand what activities are allowed and make sure you have an appropriate permit for fishing if required.  

Sunwater urges all holiday makers to remain in designated recreational areas, well away from dam and weir walls by at least 200 metres or as signed.

Holiday makers are reminded to follow the advice of Queensland Health regarding practicing social distancing and carrying a face mask with you at all times. Sunwater also encourages people to bring their own supplies and observe good hygiene practices when visiting our assets.

Boaties need to keep clear of swimmers and only tow skiers in deep areas that allow skiing. It is important to note that the skipper of any vessel is primarily responsible for monitoring safe conditions and operating their vessel appropriately.

Visitors should be aware that while things may appear calm on the surface, there can be submerged hazards such as stumps and rocks which can cause serious injury.

Safety is our priority. We want everyone to have a good time but enjoy the winter school holiday period safely.

Don’t take risks, read the signs and stay safe!

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