A message for past and present Sunwater employees

Sunwater recently became aware that some employees on Individual Employment Contracts (IECs), who are largely technical specialists and senior leaders, are also covered under Sunwater’s Enterprise Agreement (EA).

As a result, Sunwater may have inadvertently underpaid some past and present employees who were employed under an IEC.

We recognise how serious this issue is, and apologise sincerely to affected employees.

Sunwater is currently working to identify all individuals who may not have received their full entitlements due under the EA during their employment.

This issue affects only past and present employees on an IEC, which means the bulk of our current employees are not affected.  This includes our operator maintainers, electricians, mechanical trades, administration and civil teams.

This is not a payroll issue and we do not believe any overpayments were made. All affected past and present employees have been correctly paid in accordance with their Sunwater IEC. This is an issue relating to who is covered by Sunwater’s EA.

Sunwater will pay affected employees their full entitlements with interest.

Past employees who believe they may be affected should complete the form located on the Past Employees page, or contact Sunwater’s dedicated claims team, who will review past employment records and help progress eligible claims.

Our claims team can be contacted by:
Email: IECclaims@sunwater.com.au or
Phone: 1800 325 001 (business hours)*
*Please note standard Christmas closure period from 23 December 2019 to 3 January 2020

Yours sincerely

Nicole Hollows

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