Water Trading - Temporary Transfers

SunWater participates in the water trading markets throughout its Queensland water supply schemes.

SunWater has in place trading mechanisms for its water allocations that are transparent and provide clarity to market participants. These mechanisms include a framework to ensure all water trading activities comply with the SunWater Water Trading Code of Conduct and are conducted with the same market information constraints as other market participants.

The sale of our temporary transfer water is managed through brokers, Waterfind, who comply with SunWater's water trading framework.

Our customers also benefit from water trading with the ability to perform temporary transfers on our online customer service portal SunWaterOnline, which is available 24 hours a day.

For information on:

  • Regulatory requirements in ROP Water Supply Schemes please visit the Water Trading website
  • Temporary Transfers, please visit SunWaterOnline or contact 13 15 89
  • SunWater's Water Trading Framework, look in the Policies section of our Publication Scheme
  • Water supply trading strategies for individual schemes, visit the Scheme Information section of our website