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SunWater Safety Campaign

Many of SunWater’s dams and weirs are popular recreational destinations for local residents and tourists. Your safety is important to SunWater.

It’s important for the community to be aware of potential hazards when visiting these dams and waterways.

That’s why SunWater invests in a safety campaign comprising a television advertisement and billboards to remind the community to take a safe approach to using these public facilities.

Billboard advertisements will be placed near SunWater infrastructure, featuring a still shot from the television advertisement and the Tagline: "Read the Signs, Don’t Take Risks, Stay Safe".

Staying Safe

Enjoy the surroundings of your local dam or waterways and stay safe by looking out for potential hazards and risks:

  • Always read the signs near waterways – they contain important information about water, potential hazards and BGA (Blue-Green Algae) levels
  • Check for potential risks or hazards entering the water including rocks and stumps near the shoreline
  • Whether a dam is full, half full or empty, submerged hazards are always present – so take care when entering the water
  • Know your own swimming abilities. Swim safely and keep away from stumped areas that may contain lake debris
  • If operating a boat, keep clear of swimmers and only tow skiers in deeper areas of the lake (never venture too close to dam and weir walls)
  • Most injuries around dams and waterways are a combination of excessive alcohol consumptions, skylarking, not boating to dam conditions and general slips, trips and falls around recreation areas.
  • Use your commonsense, and remain alert and aware of your surroundings.

For more information on staying safe around SunWater dams and waterways, please read our Safety tips when visiting a dam brochure.

Join SunWater in keeping dams and waterways safe for everyone to use. Read the Signs and Stay Safe!