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Energy Management

SunWater is committed to the efficient use of all energy sources in the delivery of its water services to minimise total energy consumption. By identifying and implementing energy saving initiatives, SunWater aim to assist in reducing the direct and indirect production of greenhouse gas emissions.

We have established internal standards to ensure our commitment to energy management guides our business operations and aims to meet or exceed the requirements outlined in the (Efficiencies Opportunities Act) and National Greenhouse and Energy Reporting Act.

As an organisation, we actively encourage the identification of energy efficient opportunities by our management, staff and subcontractors. Through our systems and measurable targets for improvement, SunWater is improving energy efficiency through all of its business operations and functions.

Our energy management priorities include:

  • Conducting energy assessments of SunWater facilities to identify opportunities to improve energy efficiency and to reduce greenhouse gas emissions,
  • Providing education and training to increase the level of energy management skills and competencies of SunWater staff,
  • Developing consistent data capture and reporting processes, and
  • Communicating SunWater performance on energy management.

Our Policy

Download the SunWater Energy Management Policy for more information.