Water Pricing Review

Water Pricing Review (Irrigation Water)

The Queensland Government has approved recommendations of the Queensland Competition Authority (QCA) report "SunWater Irrigation Price Review: 2012-17. The Queensland Government issued the Rural Water Pricing Direction Notice (No1) 2012 under section 999 of the Water Act 2000.

Where can I find Information regarding the Pricing Review?

Information is available at:

Website: www.qca.org.au
Phone: +61 7 3222 0555

Annual Network Service Plans

SunWater has published an annual NSP for each service contract as required via the QCA pricing practices recommendation stemming from their 2012 review of irrigation prices.

SunWater has published these documents in advance of what is required under the QCA recommendations in order to trial processes and provide opportunity for customer input.

Customers should note that the documents are draft and contain budget information that is subject to change. Click here to access prior year NSPs.

Annual Performance Report

SunWater has produced an annual performance report for each service contract to provide variance reporting against the Network Service Plans. This addresses recommendations from the QCA 2012 review of irrigation prices. Click here to access prior year Performance Reports.

Customers are invited to provide feedback via the email and postal address provided below.

Email: nspfeedback@sunwater.com.au

Post: NSP Feedback
PO Box 15536 City East
Brisbane Qld 4002

Review of Network Service Plans by ACCC Consultants

SunWater is required, under The Commonwealth Water Act 2007 - Water Charge Rules, to complete a Network Service Plan (NSP) for each of the schemes in the Murray Darling Basin (MDB) and the Australian Consumer and Competition Commission (ACCC) is required to review these NSPs.

These requirements are in addition to the recently completed Queensland Competition Authority (QCA) pricing review that established irrigation price paths for the 2013-17 regulatory period.

In July 2012 SunWater provided all MDB customers with the ACCC version of the NSPs. The ACCC appointed consultants to review these documents and this review is now complete. The consultants’ report is available by clicking on the following links:

Feedback on the reports can be provided directly to Peter McGahan, Manager for Economic Regulation and Performance, via email (nspfeedback@sunwater.com.au).