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Subdivision or Amalgamation of Water Allocation

A water allocation can be subdivided into two or more parts; conversely two or more water allocations with the same attributes can be amalgamated to create a new single water allocation.

Important Information: To subdivide or amalgamate a Water Allocation it is necessary for the Water Allocation Holder to apply to the Department for a “Dealing Certificate”.

Required documents to commence must be provided by the Solicitor/Customer:

Required documents to complete must be provided by the Solicitor/Customer:

  • Copy of Registration Confirmation Statement/s (RCS) issued by the Department

All required documentation can be sent to SunWater via the preferred method of email or alternatively post.
Email: OR
Post: Customer Support, SunWater Limited, PO Box 15536, CITY EAST QLD 4001

Steps — Commence Subdivision or Amalgamation

1. Solicitor/Customer lodges the Subdivision or Amalgamation request with the Department

2. Department supplies Solicitor/Customer with a Dealing Certificate

3. SunWater receives the application form and required documents to commence from Solicitor/Customer

4. We will assess the application and review the documents and the customer’s water accounts

5. If further information or direction is required, SunWater emails a Request for Further Information to Solicitor/Customer for a response (e.g. payment of outstanding account)

6. SunWater receives the additional information from Solicitor/Customer

7. We will issue by post the Notice to Registrar (NTR) to Solicitor/Customer

Steps — Complete Subdivision or Amalgamation

8. Solicitor/Customer is to provide SunWater with a copy of the Registration Confirmation Statement/s (RCS) for the new subdivided or amalgamated water allocation/s

9. We will issue by email the self-executing Water Supply Contract to Solicitor/Customer, this does not need to be signed and returned to SunWater

10. On receipt of the Registration Confirmation Statement/s (RCS), SunWater will complete the changes in its system

Response Time by SunWater

Our aim is to complete all applications efficiently and within an acceptable timeframe. The following is a guide on our response times:

  • Issue of a Notice to Registrar (2 business days from receipt of the Dealing Certificate)
  • Issue self-executing Water Supply Contract (5 business days from receipt of the Registration Confirmation Statement/s)

Application Fee

Currently, no fee is applicable for Subdivision or Amalgamation applications