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Subdivision or Amalgamation of Water Allocations

A water allocation can be subdivided into two or more parts. Two or more allocations with the same attributes can be amalgamated to create a new single allocation.

To subdivide or amalgamate a Water Allocation it is necessary for the Water Allocation Holder to apply to the Department for a "Dealing Certificate".


1. Solicitor/Customer lodges the subdivision or amalgamation request with the Department

2. Department supplies Solicitor/Customer with a Dealing Certificate

3. Solicitor/Customer submits request for subdivision or amalgamation and attached copy of Dealing Certificate [ no application form required and only copy of Dealing Certificate required NOT the original ]

4. SunWater issues ‘Notice to Registrar of Existence of Supply Contract’ (formerly known as ROP13) to Solicitor/Customer with search letter detailing further conditions (e.g. payment of outstanding account)

5. Solicitor/Customer is to provide SunWater with a copy of the Registration Confirmation Statements (RCS) for the new subdivided or amalgamated allocation/s

6. SunWater completes account update then issues an Amendment to Contract for the Customer

Subdivision or Amalgamation completed

Required documents for Subdivision and Amalgamation

  • Copy of Dealing Certificate issued by the Department

All documents should be sent as text-readable pdf’s to – OR – by post to Customer Support, SunWater Limited, PO Box 15536, CITY EAST QLD 4001

Response Time by SunWater

Our aim is to complete all applications efficiently and within an acceptable timeframe. The following is a guide on our response times:

  • Issue of a Notice to Registrar (formerly known as a ROP13) (2 business days from receipt of dealing certificate)

Application Fee

No fee is applicable for Subdivision or Amalgamation applications