Annual NSPs and Performance Reports

Annual Network Service Plans

SunWater has published an annual NSP for each service contract as required via the QCA pricing practices recommendation stemming from their 2012 review of irrigation prices.

Customers should note that the documents contain budget information that is subject to change.

Annual Performance Reports

SunWater has produced an annual performance report for each service contract to provide variance reporting against the Network Service Plans. This addresses recommendations from the QCA 2012 review of irrigation prices.

Implementation of the QCA Pricing Practices Recommendations

One outcome of the QCA’s SunWater Irrigation Pricing Review for 2012-17 was a set of eight pricing practices recommendations aimed at improving SunWater’s ability to capture, plan and apportion costs to irrigation service contracts. The recommendations also aim to improve transparency of SunWater’s operating and renewals costs through the publication of annual Network Service Plans (see above).

SunWater prepared the following implementation plan in September 2012 detailing the scope of works, timetable and cost estimates addressing all the recommendations.

SunWater is progressing against plan, as detailed in the reports to the QCA shown below.

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Customers are invited to provide feedback via the email and postal address provided below.


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