Quarterly water quality monitoring reporting

During the process of CSG extraction, groundwater is released as a by-product, known as CSG water. The quality and quantity of CSG water released through the gas extraction process varies over time and according to the unique geological attributes of a given area. The CSG water quality is generally low, with limited applications for its direct use.

To ensure this resource can be beneficially used, the CSG water is treated to a standard suitable for irrigation, stock watering and augmentation of drinking water supplies. The Water Treatment Plant (WTP) treats the CSG water to a high standard as required by SunWater's Beneficial Use Approval, through a multi-stage robust treatment process, as detailed below.

The Kenya WTP and the Kenya to Chinchilla Pipeline produce and deliver treated CSG water to agricultural customers for beneficial use as part of the Chinchilla Beneficial Use Scheme. Beneficial use of the treated CSG water occurs along the Kenya to Chinchilla pipeline and within the existing Chinchilla Weir Water Supply Scheme by two groups of customers; agricultural use (irrigation and stock watering); and augmentation of the water supply for the Chinchilla township. The majority of the treated CSG water is used beneficially by irrigators for crop production.

Discharge to the Chinchilla Weir is via the approved discharge point under the Beneficial Use Approval, while monitoring of the water quality occurs at both the WTP outlet (at the Treated Water Pump Station) and prior to discharge into the Chinchilla Weir.

To ensure the quality of the water provided to SunWater is consistently of a standard that protects public health and safety, water quality samples are taken weekly and sent to NATA accredited laboratory for independent analysis and reporting. The suite of analytes monitored in each sample are in accordance with the conditions of the Beneficial Use Approval (ENBU02701811).

Kenya water treatment facility

The Kenya WTP utilises a multiple barrier treatment process including Ultrafiltration (UF), Ion Exchange (IX) and Reverse Osmosis (RO). These steps ensure that the water can safely and reliably be produced to a quality suitable for discharge into the Chinchilla Weir.


In order to discharge into the Chinchilla Weir, SunWater have secured two separate approvals. A notice of approval of a resource for beneficial use (ENBU02701811) was granted on 01 August 2011.

This approval is managed under the Queensland Governments Department of Environment and Heritage Protection (DEHP).

The Beneficial Use Approval is in place to ensure that the water is appropriately reused and carefully managed to minimise any risk of environmental harm, including the environmental value of drinking water.

Water quality reports

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