Chinchilla - Beneficial Use Scheme Irrigator Report

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Section 1 - All Customers


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2. During the past month has the Customer become aware of any: *

  1. breach of the Approval Compliance Plan, Relevant Approvals or Laws?
  2. use of Customer Water which is inconsistent with the Permitted Use?
  3. environmental issues, including any notices issued by a government authority?
  4. malfunctioning of any Customer Equipment?

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3. Has the customer irrigated Customer Water this month?

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Section 2 - Irrigation Customers

The Customer records in relation to its use of its farming/irrigation practices over the past month the following:

Note: The Customer should reproduce and complete the following Section 2 for each significantly different block on the Customer's property.



Soil conditions/changes in soil structure

Seedbed conditions



Soil conditions/changes in soil structure

Irrigation type

Water source

Methods used to determine irrigation scheduling

Observations of drainage/water logging

Runoff from irrigation




Further comments or observations:




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