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Barker Barambah


Bjelke-Petersen Dam is the main water storage for the Barker Barambah Water Supply Scheme. The dam was constructed between March 1987 and November 1988 and was officially opened in March 1989.

The dam’s main embankment contains 700,000 cubic metres of earth and rock fill, and is 540 metres long and 135 metres wide at the base.

Two weirs operate in the scheme downstream of the dam: Joe Sipple Weir and Silverleaf Weir.

Uses of Water


Water is provided for the farming areas of Redgate, Murgon and Mondure.

Urban Water Supplies

Water is provided to supplement the town water supply for the townships of Murgon, Wondai, Byee and Cherbourg.


Water is also supplied for industrial purposes.

Major Storage

Bjelke-Petersen Dam

Bjelke-Petersen Dam is owned and operated by SunWater and is situated on Barker Creek 1.3 kilometres upstream from its confluence with Barambah Creek. The dam provides regulated storage for the purposes of downstream irrigation for the Barker Barambah Water Supply Scheme.

Channel/Pipeline System

A pipeline from the dam diverts water to Joe Sippel Weir on Barambah Creek. Joe Sippel Weir was completed in 1983.

The pipeline is a 6.2 kilometre long gravity pipeline to meet the needs of farmers in the Redgate area. The dam regulates the release of water by the outlet works to Joe Sippel Weir and Barker Creek.