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Operations & Maintenance

SunWater’s full service approach to project delivery doesn’t end with the design and building of water infrastructure and technology.

With a multidisciplinary operation and knowledge base we can provide operation and maintenance of pipeline and pump station water infrastructure for irrigation, industrial and urban purposes.

Utilising specialist engineers, technicians, tradespeople and operations personnel we currently operate and manage infrastructure projects including dams, weirs, barrages, reservoirs and balancing storages for our own business and external authorities across regional Queensland.

What we offer

Our reputation for total quality control and augmented solutions means customers receive options for:

  • Managing routine maintenance and operations activities
  • Overhauling of pumps
  • Overhauling of motors
  • Pigging and antifouling of pipelines
  • Repairing valves
  • Repairing surge tanks
  • Managing civil works
  • Installing and maintaining mechanical seals
  • Repairing and modifying pipes
  • Applying industrial coatings
  • Testing pumps
  • Monitoring pipeline performance and condition
  • Monitoring high voltage motors, switchgear and power systems
  • Monitoring galvanic and impressed current cathodic protection systems
  • Programming and maintaining PLCs
  • Fault finding, maintaining and repairing SCADA systems
  • Maintaining and repairing flowmetering and calibration
  • Monitoring hydraulics
  • Condition monitoring of all equipment
  • Refurbishing and replacing exiting installations
  • Upgrading and commissioning installations
  • Project managing industrial installation work