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Facilities Management

SunWater has the proven expertise in the management of water infrastructure and has seen an increasing expansion of its portfolio.

As operator, maintainer and manager of our own and external water infrastructure, we are involved in all stages of facility management including planning, documentation, implementation, resourcing, procurement management, contract administration and reporting.

To ensure we deliver a high quality service, we take a proactive role in the developmental stages is taken with customers and we maintain a strong ongoing partnership.

Our facilities management services

  • Customer agency services
  • Strategic Asset Planning
  • Work Program Planning (Asset Whole of Life Planning)
  • Systems operations
  • Flood operations
  • Maintenance scheduling and implementation
  • Operational reports including storage reports
  • Recreational facilities management
  • Dam surveillance operations
  • Maintain maintenance histories
  • Civil, mechanical and electrical maintenance services

Our facilities management portfolio

  • Scrivener Dam operation, maintenance and flood irrigation
  • Dumaresq River Irrigation Project
  • BMA Water Pipeline Network

SunWater’s own infrastructure management