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SunWater welcomes findings of the independent assessment into Kinchant Dam operations and community


SunWater has welcomed today’s findings of the independent assessment by Queensland Chief Scientist, Professor Suzanne Miller into the operation of Kinchant Dam and community warning systems during Tropical Cyclone Debbie in March this year.

As part of the independent assessment, Professor Suzanne Miller reviewed rainfall, streamflow, hydrology, estimated flood volumes in the Sandy Creek catchment, the flood mitigation ability of Kinchant Dam, as well as messaging and communications.

SunWater CEO Nicole Hollows said the independent assessment confirms outflows from Kinchant Dam played a negligible role in the flooding of downstream communities, such as Eton and Homebush, following Tropical Cyclone Debbie.

“The Chief Scientist identified that peak outflows from Kinchant Dam were only 2.5% of the combined peak flow at Homebush,” Ms Hollows said.

“SunWater is committed to public safety and building community resilience and believes it is important that the community is aware of the potential sources of flooding in their catchments and is warned as early as possible if there is a risk of flooding.

“SunWater will work with the Mackay Regional Council and disaster management agencies on the systems and processes for early warning communications and better understanding of the Sandy Creek catchment and Kinchant Dam.

“SunWater is committed to implementing improvements relating to the management of Kinchant Dam and early warning communications in line with the report’s findings,” she said.

A copy of the report is available here.

Kinchant Dam is situated on one branch of Sandy Creek and is operated as an off-stream storage supplying water to irrigation customers who make a significant economic contribution to the region.

The immediate catchment feeding Kinchant Dam is around 31 km2. The dam is located 14km upstream of Eton and commands approximately 11.7% of the catchment upstream of Eton.

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