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SunWater Weirs are not a playground


Two members of the public armed with boogie boards and rubber tubes were recently caught trespassing at Claude Wharton Weir.

The appeal of water flowing at Claude Wharton Weir enticed the trespassers to climb over two locked gates and even ignore instructions from SunWater staff to leave the restricted area.

SunWater’s Central Service Manager, Milton Pukallus said it is very concerning to see members of the public going to extreme efforts to break the law and ultimately risk their lives to have some ‘fun’.

"Our weir infrastructure is not designed for water activities and an attempt to use them as you would a ride at a waterpark is extremely unsafe.

"This type of behaviour is not acceptable at our dams and weirs which is why we are targeting trespassers as part of our new safety campaign.

"What may seem like an innocent adventure at a remote regional location may result in a life changing experience that can cost someone their life.

"In the interest of public safety we ask people to heed our signs at restricted areas and heed the messages in our new safety campaign – taking risks around dams and weirs is dangerous, read the signs and stay safe", he said.

SunWater regularly patrols its infrastructure and reports trespassing incidents to the local Police.

Queensland Police Service Sergeant Joshua Ryan from Gayndah Police Station said the Police are concerned about members of the public who ignore signs, trespass on private property and put themselves in danger.

"It is disappointing to receive reports of trespassing at dangerous locations and in the interest of the public safety it will not be tolerated. There are very good reasons why it is illegal to enter private property", Sergeant Joshua Ryan said.

"It only takes common sense to read the signs, obey the law and avoid tragedy."

For some more important tips to keep in mind when visiting a dam or weir, view the ‘Safety tips when visiting a dam’ brochure available on SunWater’s website or view the safety campaign on YouTube.

Claude Wharton Weir is situated near Gayndah on the Burnett River and is part of the Upper Burnett Water Supply Scheme. The scheme supplies water for the irrigation of citrus, small crops and dairy farming as well as nearby townships.

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