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SunWater urges people to prepare for rainfall in Central and Southern Queensland


SunWater is preparing for potentially severe weather conditions and rising dam levels across Central and Southern regional catchments in the coming week.

General Manager of Operations, Tom Vanderbyl, said a number of dams in SunWater’s central and southern catchments may receive inflows as a result of predicted high rainfall.

“If predicted rain events occur throughout the catchments, there is a possibility that some dams could fill and that outflows may occur within the next 24 hours to a week,” said Mr Vanderbyl.

“SunWater urges its customers and local communities to make appropriate preparations and to monitor local conditions and forecasts including from the Bureau of Meteorology as well as via SunWater’s Facebook and Twitter accounts for information about SunWater dams.”

Mr Vanderbyl also encouraged people to download the SunWater App to receive direct alerts about local dam levels, operations and emergency updates.

“Rather than having to search our website or social media sites, people can elect to have SunWater alerts appear on their device via push notifications,” he said.

“The App is particularly useful before and during extreme weather events, as some dams have the potential to fill quite quickly and we can get these messages to people directly as events unfold.”

“SunWater will also continue to use SMS alerts, social media, internet sites and radio bulletins in the event of an emergency relating to a SunWater dam such as a potential flood event,” he added.

The SunWater App is available for download from Google Play or the App Store. For more information, visit:

Regular water storage reports with detailed information about current dam levels are available on the SunWater website.

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