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Stay safe, have fun at SunWater dams this September school holidays


SunWater is encouraging parents to keep their kids safe as students get their first taste of fun in the sun this September school holidays at dams across Queensland.

SunWater and local Councils manage a raft of recreational facilities at dams and weirs which encompass picturesque camping, fishing, water sports and picnic facilities.

SunWater CEO Nicole Hollows said while there was nothing better than cooling off or casting a line in spring, water storages had many hazards to be wary of.

“There’s never been a better time to hit the water and experience the beautiful natural environments SunWater has to offer at its dams and weirs,” Ms Hollows said.

“But while there’s plenty of fun to be had, dams, weirs and channels have numerous dangers to be aware of despite often appearing calm. Risky behaviour combined with factors like submerged hazards and fluctuating water levels can create significant risks.

“Please pay attention to warning signs, look out for your friends and refrain from trespassing on private property or swimming outside of designated areas.”

In 2017 three young men were pinned under the water at Jack Taylor Weir in St George trying to save a young relative who was swimming near the gates when water was released.

Ms Hollows said the incident acted as a reminder to ensure swimmers follow safety signage and stay at least 200 metres from dam and weir walls.

“The young men who risked their lives to rescue their relative at Jack Taylor Weir were strong, confident swimmers, but were quickly pinned down by the washing machine-effect of the water releasing from the gates,” she said.

“They were incredibly lucky to have escaped. The incident acts a poignant reminder to be safe while enjoying the wonderful facilities SunWater has on offer to visitor and local communities across Queensland.”

Click here to find out more about SunWater’s extensive range of dam recreation facilities and click here for a list of general safety tips when visiting a dam.

When enjoying SunWater dams and weirs remember:

  • Keep at least 200 metres away from dam and weir walls or outside the buoy line upstream of the wall
  • Read the signs — they contain important information about water, recreational activities, potential hazards, blue-green algae levels and no-go zones
  • Stay aware of your surroundings — fast flowing water can be released suddenly from a dam, or weir and can knock you off your feet and pin you underwater.
  • Be aware of hazards and hidden dangers such as logs, pipes and rocks under the water surface and watch out for uneven and slippery ground. Submerged hazards can be exposed at different water levels.


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