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SunWater announces predicted water allocations for 2018-19


SunWater’s water allocations for 2018-19 are predicted to remain mostly steady compared to the same time last year despite lower forecasts across a small number of water supply schemes.

Predicted allocations indicate the percentage of an irrigation customer’s purchased water entitlement expected to be made available for use within a water year.

The figures are calculated on the amount of water in storage combined with variable factors such as evaporation, seepage and use.

SunWater Chief Executive Officer Nicole Hollows said healthy water allocations across most schemes would provide a boon to irrigators.

“Pleasingly most scheme allocations have remained at 100 per cent, while we’ve seen some significant increases in Cunnamulla and Mareeba-Dimbulah,” Ms Hollows said.

“Unfortunately Boyne River, Barker Barambah, Chinchilla, Nogoa Mackenzie and Upper Condamine are all projected to decrease in comparison to this time last year due to a lack of significant inflows this wet season.

“We understand this is a difficult time for some customers, as low allocations can have a significant impact on their business. We will be working closely with our customers in schemes affected by lower announced allocations to minimise losses and maximise available water.”

In Nogoa Mackenzie SunWater will undertake a major water efficiency project start this year to help reduce water losses by up to 6000 megalitres per annum.

Ms Hollows said the works were a prime example of how SunWater was taking a customer focused approach and looking to maximise available water volumes.

“The $11.7 million Nogoa Mackenzie project received a funding contribution of $3 million from the National Water Infrastructure Development Fund and will help minimise water losses through re-lining 34 kilometres of channel,” she said.

“This outcome is incredibly positive for local irrigators and demonstrates our understanding about the vital role we play in facilitating positive outcomes for irrigators and in turn, contributing to thriving regional economies.” 

Medium priority (MP) water allocations generally have lower reliability compared to high priority water allocations and are mainly used for agricultural production. 

High priority (HP) customers pay a higher fee for more reliable water access and allocations are typically used for town water supply and industrial use.

It is predicted all HP water allocations in SunWater’s supply schemes will be allocated 100 per cent of their water allocations for 2018-19.


Please note these allocations are predicted only and will be fully calculated on 1 July 2018.

Scheme MP allocation at start of 17/18 water year Forecast MP allocation 18/19 Forecast HP allocation 18/19
Barker Barambah 17% 10% to 16% (-1% to -6%) 100%
Bowen Broken 100% 100% (no change) 100%
Boyne River and Tarong 100% 5% to 45% (-55% to -95%) 100%
Bundaberg Burnett 88% 90% - 100% (+2%-+10%) 100%
Bundaberg Kolan 100% 100% (no change) 100%
Burdekin Haughton 80% 74% - 80% (no change) 100%
Callide SW N/A (HP allocations only) N/A (HP allocations only) 100%
Callide GW N/A Not calculated – based on bore levels at end of June N/A
Chinchilla 42% 0% to 10% (-32% to -42%) 90-100%
Cunnamulla 21% 60% to 69% (+39% to +48%) 100%
Julius N/A (HP allocations only) N/A (HP allocations only) 100%
Lower Fitzroy 100% 100% (no change) 100%
Lower Mary 100% 100% (no change) 100%
Macintyre Brook 100% Not applicable – Based on continuous share methodology 100%
Mareeba Dimbulah 60% 100% (+40%) 100%
Nogoa Mackenzie 94% 5% - 14% (-80% to -89%)*  100%
Pioneer N/A (HP allocations only) N/A (HP allocations only) A 100%
B 100%
Proserpine (Maximum CO) A1 100% A2 90% A3 75% A1 100% (no change)
A2 90% (no change)
A3 75% (no change)
St George 46% Not applicable – Based on continuous share methodology 100%
Three Moon SW 100% 100% (no change) 100%
Three Moon GW N/A Not calculated – based on bore levels at end of June 100%
Upper Burnett 98% 98% (no change) 100%
Upper Burnett Other 100% 100% (no change) 100%
Upper Condamine 10% 0% (-10%) 100%

*Please note customers in Nogoa Mackenzie will be able to carry over unused water from 17-18 up to a total WSS cap of 75,000ML. Once this cap is reached carry over volumes will be reduced proportionately.

**Please note this table does not include information regarding Eton WSS as the water year for this scheme runs from 1 April to 31 March. Click here to view allocations.

***Please note this table does not include information regarding Dawson Valley WSS as the water year for this scheme runs from 1 October to 30 September. Click here to view allocations.


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