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Media Alert – Lake Tinaroo aerial herbicide spray update


Update: Due to windy conditions spraying of water hyacinth by helicopter at Lake Tinaroo has been delayed. SunWater will provide an update regarding timings for recommencement of the treatment in due course and the Tinaburra boat ramp will reopen tomorrow (Friday 8 June 2018).

In cooperation with Tablelands Regional Council, SunWater will undertake aerial herbicide spraying of Lake Tinaroo for water hyacinth by helicopter on Wednesday 6 June 2018 and are advising local lake users to stay away from the affected area for 48 hours.

Spraying will occur on the western side of Lake Tinaroo up to Tobacco Hill.

Lake access for water sports users will be maintained via the northern end of Lake Tinaroo during this period.

The western side of the lake will be safe to access for all users from Friday 8 June 2018.

SunWater staff will patrol Lake Tinaroo on the day of the spray to monitor the area and advise users to stay away.

Boat operators and householders in the vicinity of the waterfront are advised to keep clear during the operation and avoid contact with sprayed water weeds.

Contact with water in the sprayed area should be avoided for a period of 10 days. Using the water for livestock watering or garden irrigation purposes should also be avoided during this period.

The spray will benefit residents by controlling the water hyacinth outbreak, enabling Lake Tinaroo to continue be enjoyed for recreational purposes.

Water Hyacinth is a floating water weed introduced from South America. It is a major pest of creeks, rivers and dams - choking wetlands and waterways, killing native wildlife and interfering with recreational use.

The spray will enable SunWater to manage the spread of the weed before it goes to seed, which can cause much wider infestation.

Lavender Hill and Tinaburra boat ramps will remain closed for the duration of works.


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