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Keeping Australia beautiful starts with our dams and waterways


Keep Australia Beautiful Week starts today with a focus on the impact of marine litter – but our dams, weirs and waterways are often where the 10 million tonnes of rubbish dumped in the world’s oceans annually starts its journey.

SunWater staff work tirelessly to keep dams clean and tidy, but waste left from camping and recreation can create hazards for local wildlife and the natural environment if it enters the water and makes its way out to sea.

SunWater Chief Executive Officer Nicole Hollows said officers had reported seeing some unusual items being left at dams or in waterways.

“Our people have seen it all – from shopping trolleys, to lounge suites, to blow up pools floating downstream,” Ms Hollows said.

“Keep Australia Beautiful Week is an ideal time to remind communities to take pride in their local water recreation areas and uphold their responsibility to respect our wonderful natural environment.

“In addition to littering and illegal dumping, we often take for granted that much of the waste that ends up out at sea is swept into our dams and water storages from storm water drains – things like plastic bags and small toys. It’s important for residents to ensure they’re disposing of waste responsibly and educating their families.”

Ms Hollows said residents could take action this week by dedicating a small amount of time to waste recovery or simply having a conversation at home.

“Our people work tirelessly to keep our water storages and recreations areas looking great, but just as important is fostering a sense of ownership from the local community,” she said.

“When communities take pride in a space, that filters down to tourists. I’d encourage locals who visit a SunWater dam or any water storage this week to play a small part in keeping Australia beautiful.

“Have the conversation, be mindful and help us and others to keep our wonderful dam facilities in pristine condition for years to come.”

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