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Disappointing dangerous behaviour at Kirar Weir


SunWater staff witnessed youth putting their safety at risk while trespassing at Kirar Weir over the holiday season.

A small group of youths were caught drinking alcohol and behaving dangerously on the Weir such as running on the concrete crest and climbing high fencing with clearly marked signs.

SunWater’s Central Service Manager Milton Pukallus said this behaviour is not only disappointing, it is extremely concerning to witness youth ignoring signs to place their safety at risk.

"This is the exact behaviour that we are trying to avoid at our facilities which has inspired our new safety campaign – don’t be in the wrong place for the wrong reasons.

"No doubt the youth are not looking to get hurt, however tragedy often occurs when it is least expected and this is what we want the community to understand. The new safety campaign will be released soon.

"SunWater will simply not tolerate members of the community putting their safety at risk on our private property and each time this occurs it is reported to the local Police.

"Members of the community that illegally trespass at our facilities may think that these areas are isolated and they will not be caught. This is not the case as our staff regularly patrol our facilities.

"Drinking and trespassing in unauthorised areas is strictly prohibited and no one wants to see people putting themselves in danger and breaking the law."

Queensland Police Service Senior Constable Justin STAPLES from Eidsvold Police Station said the Police are concerned about members of the public who ignore signs, trespass on private property and put themselves in danger as well as break the law.

"Members of the public are reminded that it is illegal to enter private property for a range of reasons including public safety," Senior Constable Justin STAPLES said.

"It only takes common sense to read the signs, obey the law and avoid tragedy."

For some more important tips to keep in mind when visiting a dam or weir this holiday season, view the ‘Safety tips when visiting a dam’ brochure available on SunWater’s website. Further information regarding SunWater dam levels and camping regulations is also available on the SunWater website at:

Kirar Weir is situated on the Burnett River, 5kms for Eidsvold, and makes available 20,000 megalitres of Medium Priority Water Allocations.

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