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Dam Improvement Program strengthens SunWater’s dams


SunWater’s experienced team is delivering an extensive Dam Improvement Program ensuring a strong future of reliable water supply from SunWater’s dams.

The program was originally implemented in 2006 and involves regular detailed assessments of each of SunWater’s dams and a 20 year program of improvement works to maintain the highest level of safety.

SunWater Chief Executive, Peter Boettcher said the safety of our dams is very important and since 2006, we have completed six dam safety improvement projects at Fred Haigh Dam, Bjelke Petersen Dam, Borumba Dam (now owned by Seqwater), Tinaroo Falls Dam, Kinchant Dam and Eungella Dam.

“SunWater takes pride in being a responsible water infrastructure manager and regularly carries out dam safety assessments at each of our dams using the national industry guidelines to ensure the safest and most efficient dam operation.

“Our Dam Improvement Program involves a measured plan to ensure our dams continue to be able to hold and safely pass excess volumes of water during periods of extreme rainfall and satisfy modern standards.

“Following comprehensive assessments, dam improvement works have been prioritised in order to reduce overall dam safety risk across SunWater’s portfolio of dams through a continuous risk reduction program”, he said.

“In the coming year, SunWater will be completing works as part of our Dam Improvement Program at Paradise Dam and Fairbairn Dam.

“All of our dams have comprehensive monitoring systems and processes in place which involve 20 year comprehensive dam safety reviews, five year comprehensive and annual inspections, and periodic in depth risk assessments”, Mr Boettcher said.

SunWater’s dams are managed to achieve the requirements of relevant national and international guidelines as well as Queensland’s independent dam safety regulator – the Department of Energy and Water Supply.

SunWater is a bulk water infrastructure developer and manager playing a key role in Australia’s water industry, owning and managing around $9 billion in water infrastructure assets.

More information is available about SunWater’s Dam Improvement Program.

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