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Callide Dam release update


SunWater manually opened the Callide Dam gates at 1.30am this morning (Friday) when the dam level reached 100 percent (as per current operating procedures).

In flows are currently at 3700 mega litres a day and falling with outflows of about 12,000 mega litres per day. This means the release is only minor and well within the ‘blue zone’ of SunWater’s publicised flood impact maps (available on SunWater’s website).

It is expected to have minimal impact on landholders immediately below the dam based on current release rates.

SunWater understands the Callide Valley has moderate flood levels further down the catchment. Information on these impacts is available from Banana Shire Council’s Disaster Management Group.

The dam catchment has received between 180 and 200 mm of rain this week, but most of that has now flowed into the dam.

SunWater provided advance notifications and warnings of the release. It will continue to monitor inflows and provide regular updates to the community via Facebook, Twitter, the new SunWater App and SMS.

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