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Anglers warned to resist lure of prohibited fishing locations


An increasing number of fishing-related trespassing on SunWater land in the Eton region have renewed calls for locals to put safety first when choosing a fishing location over the summer holidays.

Serious incidents involving gate and fence cutting to access areas for fishing and swimming have been reported to Police in recent weeks and are putting the individuals and community at serious risk.

SunWater Service Manager Jim Mummery says many of the incidents are premeditated with people coming prepared to force entry into restricted SunWater land.

“I’ve come across a number of gates and fences that have been cut so that people can force their way into restricted areas to go fishing or swimming,” said Mr Mummery.

“Cutting a fence or a gate to enter a restricted area obviously puts the individual at risk, but it also leaves the area accessible to children who may not comprehend the dangers involved with entering these areas.

“The risk of trespassing in and around weirs is just as great for an experienced local fisher as it is for someone inexperienced or visiting the region,” he said.

Mr Mummery cautioned that one of the biggest risks in and around weirs is the unpredictable nature of water releases: “Water pumping into weirs starts and stops automatically. If someone is fishing or swimming too close to the weir there is a very real risk that they could get pinned under the water,” he said.

“We recommend people keep at least 200 meters upstream or downstream of the weir and observe the signs and stay outside the buoys indicating a safe swimming distance.”

SunWater have engaged a local security company and will have patrols operational at Mirani, Marian and Dumbleton weirs and anyone found trespassing or engaging in unsafe behavior will be reported local police.

Anyone who witnesses life-threatening behaviour at SunWater weirs, dams or channels is urged to report it to local Police by calling 000. For all non-urgent reporting, please contact Police link 13 14 44.

For tips on visiting a dam or weir this holiday season, view the ‘Safety tips when visiting a dam’ brochure available on the SunWater website.

Further information on SunWater dam levels and camping regulations is also available on the SunWater website at: For more information on dam facilities and conditions visit, Call 13 15 89 or connect via social media: or

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