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SunWater share 2018-19 budget highlights


SunWater is pleased to share the highlights of its 2018-19 operating budget, which will include investment across a range of significant new projects and existing infrastructure improvements.

SunWater CEO Nicole Hollows said she was excited for another positive year of progress across the organisation.

“First and foremost, I’m looking forward to delivering another year of improved service to our customers and ensuring irrigators across the state are well informed and supported,” Ms Hollows said.

“We’ve also got some exciting projects happening to improve our infrastructure, provide additional value for customers and ensure our dams are positioned to viably to serve their communities long into the future.

“Following our restructure in early 2018, our business is in better shape to deliver positive, value-for-money outcomes than ever before. We look forward to another year of investing in projects that provide improved infrastructure and sharing outcomes of our exciting plans with customers along the journey.”

Dam Safety Improvement Program (DSIP)

Fairbairn Dam Safety Improvement Project will progress with a $26.4 million allocation towards Stage 2 in FY2018/19, which will involve the anchoring the ogee crest to strengthen the spillway for more extreme weather events.

An additional $9.1 million has been allocated to Stage 3 works, which will upgrade the sidewalls.

Both Stages 2 and 3 improve the dam’s ability to ensure the dam can continue to hold and safely pass excess volumes of water during periods of extreme rainfall.

$7 million has been allocated to progress the detailed business case for Paradise Dam within the DSIP in conjunction with Business Queensland, which will determine the required scope, cost and risk profile in delivery of the project.

Work on Burdekin Falls Dam will progress thanks to a $7.6 million funding allocation to progress the preliminary business case, which will involve assessing design and construction options.

Efficiency Improvement Projects (EIP)

SunWater will start construction on two EIPs in 2018-19 to recover up to 14,000 megalitres for irrigation customers thanks to joint-funding from the National Water Infrastructure Development Fund.

SunWater will contribute $16.4 million to the $28 million Mareeba Dimbulah EIP, which will involve six sub-projects to improve operating efficiency and reduce water losses by up to 8000 megalitres.

SunWater will also invest $8.7 million in the $11.7 million Nogoa Mackenzie EIP, which will involve re-lining to 34 kilometres of the Selma Channel system to recover almost 6000 megalitres of water for irrigators.

The scheme supports 387 customers and more than 70 percent of the its water entitlements are held by irrigators.

Community education

$210,000 will be invested in public safety campaigns, which involve the delivery of a range of materials to help local communities stay safe while enjoying their local dam.

$200,000 will be allocated to deliver a community education program on how dams work, managing flood risk and preparing for extreme weather events.


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