Water Storage Levels

Click on the Water Supply Schemes (WSS) to access the available storage level reports (also located below this map).
Click on the dam links to go directly to the storage level report for that particular dam.

For historical water storage level information refer to the Bureau of Meteorology.
For Blue-Green Algae alerts, click here.

Note: Information displayed is from last measurement and not real-time.

Water Storage Levels Map Tinaroo Tinaroo Julius Bjelke-Petersen EungellaDam BoondoomaDam FredHaighDam Paradise Dam Burdekin Falls Dam Callide Dam Kroombit Kinchant Dam Coolmunda Dam Fairbairn Dam Teemburra Peter Faust Dam Beardmore Cania Dam Wuruma Dam Leslie Dam Bowen Broken Rivers Boondooma Dam Bundaberg Burdekin Haughton Callide Valley Cunnamulla Eton Lower Fitzroy Macintyre Brook Maranoa Mary Nogoa Mackenzie Pioneer River Peter Faust Dam St George Three Moon Creek Barker Barambah Upper Burnett Upper Condamine Dawson Valley Chinchilla

For information on the current status of flows at or near SunWater dams refer to the Bureau of Meteorology or click here.


Water Supply Scheme Storage Level Reports

Barker Barambah 

Bjelke-Petersen Dam

Bowen Broken Rivers 

Eungella Dam

  • Bowen River Weir
    (currently not available)

Boyne River & Tarong 

Boondooma Dam


Fred Haigh Dam

Paradise Dam 

Burdekin Haughton 

Burdekin Falls Dam

Callide Valley 

Callide Dam

Kroombit Dam 

Chinchilla Weir 


Dawson Valley 


Kinchant Dam

Julius Dam 

Julius Dam

Lower Fitzroy 

  • Eden Bann Weir
    (currently not available)

Macintyre Brook 

Coolmunda Dam

Maranoa River 

  • Neil Turner Weir
    (currently not available)

Mareeba Dimbulah 

Tinaroo Falls Dam

Mary River 

Nogoa Mackenzie 

Fairbairn Dam

Pioneer River 

Teemburra Dam

Proserpine River 

Peter Faust Dam

St George 

EJ Beardmore Dam

Three Moon Creek 

Cania Dam

Upper Burnett 

Wuruma Dam

Upper Condamine 

Leslie Dam