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Project newsletters have been distributed to stakeholders to inform them of progress and developments at key stages of the Project. The newsletters can be viewed by clicking on the following links.

Community Liaison Group

The Nathan Dam and Pipelines Community Liaison Group (CLG) was established as part of SunWater’s comprehensive stakeholder and public consultation program to further support the EIS phase of the project. The CLG acted as a forum for the identification and discussion of issues associated with the EIS and facilitates feedback to SunWater on matters related to the EIS.

Membership included key interest groups in the local area including business, environmental, community, customer and local government representatives as well as other special interest groups as required.

The CLG was active during the EIS phase of the Project. CLG meetings were held at EIS milestones and although they are closed to the general public, the minutes from the meetings are available below:


For further information regarding the Nathan Dam and Pipelines Project, please contact:

Nathan Dam and Pipelines Project Manager
Reply Paid 15536, City East Brisbane QLD 4002
Phone 1800 158 651