Glenlyon Dam Water Treatment Plant

SunWater has been operating and maintaining the Glenlyon Dam Water Treatment Plant for the Border Rivers Commission since 1976.


Water Treatment Plant

Project Duration

Operations - 1976 to current


Borders River Commission


Glenlyon Dam, located in Queensland on Pike Creek approximately seven kilometres upstream of its junction with the Dumaresq River.

Project Overview

SunWater provides facility management services for the daily management and operation of the treatment plant, pumpstation, rising main and raw water distribution system, the raw water and treated water storage tanks and the treated water distribution system.

Within the management services, SunWater also ensures the longevity of plant and equipment with the continuous monitoring and reporting of the asset to the Border Rivers Commission.


The water treatment plant supplies treated water to 5 houses, a caravan park and the SunWater depot, with demand varying from approximately 10-60kL/day.

The raw water is drawn from the ponded storage of the Glenlyon Dam and filtered utilising a sand filter, disc filter, granular activated carbon filter, UV disinfection unit and disinfection with sodium hypochlorite.

Recently, SunWater installed continuous monitoring equipment at the plant to test for pH, chlorine and turbidity.


Key project infrastructure includes:

  • Demand varies from approximately 10-60kL/day
  • Sand filter
  • Disc filter
  • Granular activated carbon filter
  • UV disinfection unit
  • Disinfection with sodium hypochlorite 

Our Role

Asset management, process investigations and design engineering