Fairbairn Dam Spillway Safety Improvement

SunWater has identified improvements to the Fairbairn Dam spillway lower chute floor are required in order to return the spillway to its designed functionality.

Project Duration

First stage commenced in April 2016 and was completed in December 2016. The second stage is expected to commence in March/April 2017 and will take up to 24 months to complete.


Fairbairn Dam is approximately 17km south-west of Emerald and  270km west of Rockhampton in Central Queensland.

Project Overview

Inspections of Fairbairn Dam detected the condition of the original spillway drainage system has deteriorated and is no longer functioning efficiently. SunWater will undertake works to ensure the dam spillway continues to function as designed.


The Fairbairn Dam spillway will undergo works, involving:

  • the modification of drain outlets;
  • the repair and replacement of blocked drains;
  • the replacement of the steel anchors;
  • the filling of any voids under the concrete slabs of the spillway; and
  • the construction of a mass reinforced concrete overlay to accommodate the steel anchors.

Our Role

Asset owner and management, design, maintenance.