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Awoonga Dam

Awoonga Callide Pipeline

When Callide B Power Station (near Biloela) was commissioned in 1988, a 54km long pipeline was constructed to convey water from Awoonga Dam near Gladstone to an outlet structure on the crest of the Calliope Range.

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Burdekin Falls Dam 3

Burdekin Falls Dam Foundation Drainage Improvement

SunWater is a bulk water infrastructure developer and manager playing a key role in Australia's water industry, owning and managing around $10 billion in water infrastructure assets and supplying 40% of all water used commercially in Queensland.

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Paradise Dam

Burnett Water project

Burnett Water Pty Ltd became a subsidiary company of SunWater on 16 December 2005 and was established by the state government to progress much needed water infrastructure in the Wide Bay-Burnett region.

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Boondooma 2

Boondooma Dam Spillway Repairs

SunWater is undertaking repair work of the Boondooma Dam spillway chute following damage sustained during the 2011 and 2013 flood events.

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Cloncurry Pipeline

Cloncurry Pipeline

In March 2010 SunWater completed the construction of the $42.5 million Cloncurry pipeline. 38 kilometres in length, the pipeline was built to provide a more reliable water supply from SunWater’s existing North West Queensland Pipeline to the town of Cloncurry.

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Tinaroo Falls Dam Safety Upgrade

Dam Safety Improvement Program

Our improvement program will ensure our dams continue to be able to hold excess volumes of water, and then be able to safely release this excess water over the spillway during periods of extreme rainfall.

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Fairbairn Water Treatment Plant

Fairbairn Dam Water Treatment Plant

SunWater has owned and operated the potable water supply at Fairbairn Dam since 1972. The Dam has an extensive public recreational area that includes a caravan park and resort, residences, a school camp, picnic areas, lookouts, and a boat ramp.

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Fairbairn 2

Fairbairn Dam Spillway Safety Improvement

SunWater is undertaking improvements to the Fairbairn Dam spillway lower chute floor in order to return the spillway to its designed functionality.

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Glenlyon Dam

Glenlyon Dam Water Treatment Plant

SunWater provides facility management services for the daily management and operation of the treatment plant, pumpstation, rising main and raw water distribution system, the raw water and treated water storage tanks and the treated water distribution system.

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Hinze Dam

Hinze Dam Stage 3 Raising

SunWater was appointed by the Gold Coast City Council to assist with the selection and establishment of an alliance team to deliver the raising of Hinze Dam to Stage 3 to meet flood migration, dam safety and water supply objectives.

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NW Qld Water Pipeline

North West Queensland Water Pipeline

North West Queensland Pipeline Pty Ltd is a wholly owned subsidiary of SunWater. Its primary assets include low-left and high-left pump stations, 113km of pipeline and control systems.

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Paradise 1

Paradise Dam Primary Spillway Improvement

Improvement works are being carried out on the primary spillway of Paradise Dam to maintain efficient and safe operation during extreme weather events.

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