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Water Treatment Plants

Design, supply and installation

Whether it’s construction of a new treatment plants or upgrades to existing infrastructure, SunWater delivers total solutions for design, supply and installation of water treatment facilities.

Underpinned by centralised specialist expertise in Brisbane, Ayr and process engineer partners, SunWater provides professional engineering services across planning, design, distribution infrastructure and the construction of water treatment.

The full range of SunWater services includes:

  • Business case development
  • Regulatory applications and approvals
  • Site based management plans
  • Design review of existing systems
  • Design and construction of new treatment plant infrastructure
  • Design and construction of upgrades to existing treatment plant infrastructure
  • Commissioning, performance monitoring and validation

Treatment Plant Acquisition

With operations currently across Queensland, ACT and Western Australia, SunWater is positioned to expand its portfolio through the acquisition of treatment plants that are complimentary to its operations.

SunWater works closely with local government to thoroughly investigate potential acquisitions of both treatment plant infrastructure and on-going operations and maintenance.

Build-Own-Operate (BOO) Contracts

SunWater offers clients the opportunity of establishing a Build-Own-Operate (BOO) contract; taking responsibility for the design, supply and operation of the water treatment system on behalf of the client.

Typically based on quality and quantity guarantees, the BOO contracts offer long term arrangements whereby SunWater own and operate systems and provide treated water to local government on a cost-per-litre basis.

Due to the vast number of technologies and treatment solutions available, SunWater investigates and supplies optimum technological and economical solutions. This ensures the lowest total treatment cost, maximum on-line operation and guaranteed treated water quality.

A BOO contract also allows clients to focus on their core business while still maintaining strategic control of their operations.

Fluoridation System Design and Installation

Through an initiative by Local Government Infrastructure Services Pty Ltd (LGIS), SunWater along with Hunter Water is a partner in the Queensland Fluoridation Consortium.

This unique and strategic partnership provides assistance to local governments with financing, planning, designing, constructing and operating plant for the implementation of Queensland’s Regional Fluoridation Program.

SunWater is able to deliver fluoridated water supplies efficiently, effectively and in accordance with legislated timeframes.

Funding Assistance

In conjunction with LGIS and Hunter Water, SunWater can assist local governments to raise funds for new treatment plant requirements or the upgrading of existing systems.

Alternatively, clients can take advantage of a plant acquisitions with on-going operations and maintenance or a potential BOO contract.