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Emergency Warning System Installation

Callide Dam
Fairbairn Dam
Kinchant Dam


February 2018 to June 2018



Warning System Details & Location

Coolmunda Dam

  • Siren at Inglewood
  • ‘Road Subject to Flooding’ signs at Dam Access Road

Callide Dam

  • 2 x sirens at Biloela
  • ‘Road Subject to Flooding’ signs at Linkes Road

Teemburra Dam

  • Siren at Saddle Dam (near Pinnacle)

Kinchant Dam

  • Siren, camera and ‘Road Subject to Flooding’ signs at Antony’s Road

Paradise Dam

  • Siren at Paradise Dam
  • ‘Road Subject to Flooding’ signs at Booyal Crossing

Fairbairn Dam

  • 2 x sirens at Emerald

Project Overview

As a responsible water infrastructure manager, SunWater is installing warning systems to ensure a best practice approach is adopted for warning notifications in the highly unlikely event of dam failure.

Installation of dam safety emergency warning systems does not indicate an increased dam safety risk.

SunWater already has in place a strict safety management program to ensure our dams are managed and maintained to industry standards.

The new emergency warning systems are part of an effort to continually improve our emergency management processes.

The new system will ensure that communities downstream of a SunWater dam receive urgent warning alerts in the highly unlikely event of a dam failure.

The siren will not be activated in the event of releases or downstream flooding and will only be used to warn downstream communities of the highly unlikely event of a dam failure.

For more information, view the Dam Emergency Warning System Installation Presentation.

For more location specific information, please refer to the project brochures for Coolmunda Dam, Callide Dam, Teemburra Dam, Kinchant Dam, Paradise Dam and Fairbairn Dam.


  • An automatic silent test will be performed weekly
  • Within its defined warning area, a siren’s volume ranges from 70 to 110 decibels
  • The average range of the siren is 3kms in all directions
  • The siren is solar powered with a battery back-up and can run for up to 24hrs once activated


Construction works involve:

  • Installation of sirens – 14m high – at approved site locations. They feature audio equipment, power source and telecommunications.
  • Installation of electronic ‘Road Subject to Flooding’ signs at nominated roads located downstream of dams; and
  • Installation of remote day/night cameras.

SunWater’s Role

Asset owner, management and design