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Burdekin Haughton Main Channel Augmentation Project

Haughton Main Channel

Timeline: project completion expected end of 2019

SunWater is supporting Townsville City Council as it implements the Haughton Pipeline Duplication Project. The pipeline project will see supplies of bulk raw water pumped into Ross River Dam from SunWater’s Burdekin Haughton Water Supply Scheme (BHWSS) to augment or ‘top up’ the city’s water supply during periods of very low rainfall.

To support the pipeline duplication and meet possible increases in demand from Townsville City Council and irrigation customers, SunWater will also increase the capacity of the Burdekin Haughton Main Channel.

SunWater is working to deliver this channel augmentation in conjunction with Townsville City Council’s commissioning of the Haughton Pipeline Duplication toward the end of 2019.