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Burdekin Falls Dam hydro-electricity

Burdekin Falls Dam
Burdekin Falls Dam
Burdekin Falls Dam

Timeline: finalisation of detailed business case expected in 2018 (Stanwell)

Over the years, SunWater has supported several investigations into harnessing the significant energy potential stored in Burdekin Falls Dam.

Stanwell is currently completing a detailed business case for a hydro-electric power station on Burdekin Falls Dam that would generate electricity as water flows from the dam during normal operations and spill events.

This detailed business case is assessing the most appropriate location, size and form of power generation. A 30-50 megawatt hydro power station is being considered, however through the Burdekin Falls Dam Raising business case SunWater and Stanwell are also looking at the ability of the dam to accommodate larger hydro options, particularly if the dam were to be raised and storage capacity increased.

The detailed business case is being undertaken in consultation with Building Queensland under the Queensland Government’s Project Assurance Framework.