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Boondooma Dam Spillway Repairs

Boondooma Dam
Boondooma Dam
Boondooma Dam

SunWater is undertaking repair work of the Boondooma Dam spillway chute following damage sustained during the 2011 and 2013 flood events.

Project Duration

Construction - January 2017 to early 2018.


Boondooma Dam is located on the Boyne River at a site about 20km north east of Proston, and 120km east of Gympie.

Project Overview

The Queensland floods of 2011 caused significant scouring of the Boondooma Dam spillway chute and downstream of the dam's reinforced concrete Erosion Control Structure (ECS). The 2013 January flood and cyclone event also caused additional significant damage to Boondooma Dam which exacerbated the previously sustained damage. The scouring resulted from the impact of energy from the flood water on the spillway chute rock.

In 2016-2017 SunWater will undertake works at the dam to repair the flood damage.


The repair work will ensure the dam spillway continues to function as designed, and in a manner that minimises the impact an extreme weather event could have upon the surrounding communities and the dam structure.

The repair works are required to strengthen the existing spillway chute and to minimise the risk of damage in future flood events. The design features a number of defensive mechanisms which will help protect the spillway chute from future flood damage. These features include:

  • Stabilisation of the spillway right wall immediately downstream of the ECS
  • Construction of a secondary ECS 30 metres upstream of the existing ECS
  • Defensive anchors within the unlined spillway chute
  • Capping of the dykes between the existing and new ECS
  • Concrete wall protection between the crest and ECS
  • Strengthening of the existing ogee crest with corrosion protected anchoring

Impact to Customers

The project will enhance the spillway’s safety and maintain a reliable water supply for the South Burnett region.

The construction works will not impact public access to boat ramps, picnic areas and other dam amenities. However, there may be minor traffic disruptions and occasional road closures with heavy vehicle movement to and from the dam during the works period and nearby residences may experience minor construction noise.

The works will not affect the dam's water storage capacity and current water supply arrangements.

Our Role

SunWater is the asset owner and manager and will be overseeing the construction works.

Project brochure

To view a map of the dam and the works area, download the project brochure.