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Water Safety Awareness

SunWater has proudly partnered with Indigenous Hip Hop Projects and the St George community to deliver a music video that promotes safety around dams, weirs and irrigation channels.

Members of the community wrote the lyrics to the song and participated in the creative process through dance and music workshops and filming of the video.

As part of our commitment to regional communities SunWater aims to raise awareness of the risks and dangers around water infrastructure and ignite positive behaviour change to reduce public safety and trespassing incidents.

Dams, weirs and channels might look still and calm but they can be dangerous and unpredictable.

Please read the signs, stay safe and look after your family and friends!

Read the lyrics of the IHHP St George - Respect the Water video.

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For tips on visiting a dam or weir this holiday season, view the safety tips brochure.

For more information on dam facilities and conditions: