Callide Dam flood zone files for Google Earth

Check where your property lies in relation to Callide Dam flood impact zones

The below ZIP file contains Google Earth KML files for Callide Dam's blue, yellow and red coloured flood zones. Download the file and extract the contents to a location on your computer.

Opening KML files using Google Earth

KML files can be opened using Google Earth or Google Maps. To open a KML file in Google Earth you must first have the program installed. Once installed, simply double click a KML file to launch Google Earth and display the file.

If you don't have Google Earth, click here to download the latest version.

Opening KML files using Google Maps

KML files can also be uploaded to Google Maps where you can enter your address and see if you fall within in a Callide Dam flood impact zone. To do this please follow the below instructions:

  • Save the below three files to your computer or device
  • Visit
  • Select "Create a new map"
  • Select a KML file to upload (you can import further KML files by adding layers)
  • Enter your address in the search field and select "+ Add to map" to place a marker showing your address on the map
  • Share or your map print for future reference

GIS file for media outlets

GIS files can be provided to media outlets on request. Please contact