Health and Safety

SunWater takes safety seriously. Our commitment is to provide a safe and risk free environment for staff, contractors, customers and the community and extends past our responsibility as a bulk water service provider. Central to our corporate culture is the value placed on safe work practices and taking every measure possible to ensure the safety of others.

Our proactive stance towards health and safety has led to a number of internal and external programs to assist people make safe choices when at work or when visiting one of our facilities. Playing an active role to uphold community safety not only protects the community, but our vital water infrastructure for years to come.

Workplace Health & Safety

SunWater is committed to providing a safe workplace and believes that all workplace health and safety incidents are preventable. To help achieve our ‘no harm’ goal, SunWater has developed and implemented a Workplace Health and Safety Management System (WHSMS) incorporating Standards and procedures to guide safe work practices.

Achievement of the no harm goal relies on consistent application of the processes incorporated in the WHSMS, but also importantly requires all employees to:

  • hold health and safety as a core personal value which guides all actions and behaviour in the workplace
  • understand responsibilities and duty of care in relation to workplace health and safety
  • be continuously aware of potential hazards and risks associated with daily work activities, and
  • consistently demonstrate and apply risk management processes and specific workplace health and safety training to control the potential risks.

View a copy of SunWater’s Workplace Health & Safety Commitment for more information.

Stop.Look.Assess.Manage. (SLAM)

To reinforce SunWater’s commitment to its ‘no harm’ goal, a safety leadership and culture change strategy has been developed for internal staff and contractors: Stop. Look. Assess. Manage. (SLAM)

Aimed at generating awareness for safe work practices, SLAM focuses on preventing any injury in the workplace and the field, and promotes safe working behaviours by all SunWater staff.

The program, in its second year of implementation, asks for staff to:

  • Stop, consider the work involved
  • Look for and identify the hazards
  • Assess the risks, and
  • Manage and develop risk controls

Within the program’s introductory year, lost time due to incidents was reduced by 43% and near miss reports were down by 35%. As the program moves forward it is projected that total incidents within SunWater will be down 28% from the 2007/08 year.