Our Culture and Values

SunWater’s values and behaviours guide the way we work on a day-to-day basis and the way in which we deliver products and services to customers and the community.

Our values and behaviours aren’t just about what we do to maintain corporate standards, they are about how we work and how we deliver results the right way.

To help us achieve a strong and ethical culture within SunWater we offer our staff ways to put into practice each of our values.

  • Delivering outstanding service and results
    • Listen to customers needs and provide quality customer service
    • Set and achieve high standards and deliver on commitments
    • Get things done on time and within budget
    • Find solutions, not just problems
    • Plan and organise work to achieve outcomes
    • Take pride in your work and strive to do things better
    • Represent SunWater professionally and positively in the community
  • Working safely
    • Always ask if it’s safe – stop, look, assess and manage
    • Be aware of and follow WH&S policies and procedures
    • Actively participate in safety meetings and safety training
    • Look out for others and identify safety risks
    • Take personal responsibility for safety and achieving ‘No Harm’
    • Challenge and correct unsafe work practices
    • Report incidents and near misses
  • Working together
    • Ask for help and help others to get the job done
    • Commit to and carry out team tasks and decisions
    • Pull your weight and lead by example
    • Share information with the team and across work groups
    • Work with your team to achieve better outcomes for customers
    • Consider the bigger picture – what’s best for SunWater?
  • Taking responsibility
    • Know your role and respect the roles of others
    • Take responsibility for your actions, decisions and safety – don’t blame others
    • Take initiative, follow up and follow through
    • Acknowledge the contribution of others
    • Understand and follow business rules and standards
    • Admit when you are wrong and try to make it right
  • Respecting others
    • Ask…is it fair? Is it safe? Is it right?
    • Act honestly and with integrity, be courteous, polite
    • Communicate openly, honestly and constructively
    • Have your say, listen to and be open to other’s views
    • Be on time and respect other peoples time
    • Accept and respect peoples differences
    • Take your job seriously but keep a sense of humour
  • Being open to change
    • Respect the past but work towards the future
    • Accept new tasks and have a go
    • Treat change as a challenge and focus on the benefits
    • Be willing to try new ways of doing things
    • Look for ways to improve the way we work
    • Be prepared for and deal with the unexpected

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