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Procurement & Tenders

About procurement

SunWater is committed to driving value for money through our procurement for all its goods and services.

We work closely with industry to support our business in the delivery of construction, upgrade, repair and maintenance of capital infrastructure such as dams, weirs, pumping stations, pipelines and water treatment plants.

At SunWater we take environmentally sustainable responsibilities and workplace health and safety seriously with all providers of services. Our commitment is to provide a safe and risk free environment for staff, contractors, customers and the community which extends past our responsibility as a bulk water service provider. Central to our corporate culture is the value placed on safe work practices and taking every measure possible to ensure the safety of others.

Contractors, consultants and suppliers of goods and services that operate in these industries are encouraged to tender for the supply of goods and services, when and as required.

Our conditions of contract

We value the relationship with our industry providers of goods and or services and endeavor to make it easy for our providers to conduct business with us. A number of our tenders are often called through the Queensland Government QTender website.

SunWater has developed suite of general terms and conditions of contract for when it purchases its goods and services. For significant procurements we also use terms and conditions based upon Australian Standard – General Conditions of Contract (e.g. AS 2124, 4910 or 4911). The information provided on this page is designed to provide a general overview of SunWater's Procurement documentation and is not to be relied upon. It is for your general information and interest only.

A guide to working with SunWater

Please refer to the below document for more information on working with SunWater as a contractor, consultant or supplier.