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SunWater: Making Water Work

SunWater is a bulk water infrastructure developer and manager playing a key role in Australia's water industry, owning and managing around $13 billion in water infrastructure assets and supplying approximately 40% of all water used commercially in Queensland.

Our extensive network of water supply infrastructure supports mining, power generation, industry, urban development and irrigated agriculture throughout Queensland and ensures we take the right steps towards water for the future.

Operating across Queensland we have a proven 80 year history of growth and leadership in delivering world-class bulk water infrastructure solutions.

With a focus on total water solutions, SunWater has developed and now manages a regional network of bulk water supply infrastructure that spans across Queensland to support around 5,000 customers across the mining, power generation, industrial, local government and irrigated agriculture sectors.

Spread from as far as Mareeba, west to Mount Isa, and South to St George and Goondiwindi, our water storage and distribution network includes:

  • 19 major dams
  • 64 weirs and barrages
  • 730km of water channels
  • 79 pumping stations
  • 2,120km of pipelines

This proven infrastructure development and management experience has led to our expansion into a national water solutions provider that offers innovative ways of securing water for the future and offering business a sustainable solution for asset growth and management.