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Channel irrigation schemes invited to develop local management proposals

19 Dec 2012
Queensland’s eight channel irrigation schemes will be invited to develop business proposals to transition from SunWater to local management.

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Pipeline complete and set to deliver additional water supply to Chinchilla community

17 Dec 2012

SunWater has completed construction and commissioning of its 20km buried pipeline that will be used to transport treated coal seam gas (CSG) water to the town of Chinchilla and local farmers as part of the proposed Chinchilla Beneficial Use Scheme.

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Cania Dam Water Releases to Commence

21 Nov 2012

SunWater is planning water releases from Cania Dam in December to assist with groundwater recharge throughout the Three Moon Creek Area.

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No SunWater Lock Out

19 Nov 2012

Claims by the ETU today that SunWater had locked out its workforce in Bundaberg are false.

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Irrigation channels not for swimming

26 Oct 2012

With recent hot weather around the state, SunWater is reminding the general public that irrigation channels are not safe to swim in under any circumstances.

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Warmer weather brings heightened risk of blue green algae blooms

17 Oct 2012

As we are now approaching the summer season, SunWater is reminding the general public using dams over the coming months that warmer weather could lead to increases in blue green algae (BGA) blooms.

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No Tolerance for Reckless Behaviour at Fairbairn Dam Bridge

20 Sep 2012

Emerald Police and SunWater have announced they are making a concerted effort to curb illegal behavior at the Fairbairn Dam Spillway Bridge which is currently closed.

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Dam emergency notification lists open to Queensland residents

10 Sep 2012

SunWater is providing residents living in the immediate vicinity of its dams to 'opt in' to be notified in the event of emergency situations and water releases.

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Fairbairn Dam Bridge to remain closed

09 Aug 2012

SunWater today announced that the Fairbairn Dam Spillway Bridge will remain closed until further notice while a comprehensive traffic management plan is assessed.

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Kinchant Dam safety upgrade project commences

06 Aug 2012

SunWater today announced the commencement of construction of the Kinchant Dam Safety Upgrade project as part of its overarching program of dam safety upgrades.

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