Stay safe around dams this holiday season

22 Dec 2015

SunWater is urging visitors to dams and weirs to stay safe throughout the holiday season and avoid any unnecessary risks that could lead to injuries.

SunWater’s Acting General Manager Operations, Russell Paton, said all visitors should heed safety signage and remain in designated recreational areas, well away from dam and weir walls.

"It is unfortunate that we have already received reports at some of our dams that community members are ignoring signs to enter restricted areas for various reasons such as finding the ideal fishing location, or to create a thrill by jumping into water from heights.

"Also as water levels are low at some of our regional dams, submerged hazards such as stumps and rocks may be closer to the surface and can cause serious injury so please take care.

"Ignoring signs for any reason can pose a serious threat to individuals – we don’t want to see any injuries so that everyone can enjoy the festive season with friends and family.

"Holiday makers should be aware that while things may appear calm on the surface, there can be submerged hazards such as stumps and rocks which can cause serious injury.

"It’s also a good idea to check the SunWater website before setting off, to check water levels and to see if camping is allowed and if a camping permit is required.

"Know your own swimming abilities and make sure that you keep away from areas where the shoreline is steep or hazardous and avoid swimming in water where there are weeds or other lake debris.

"We want all visitors to SunWater facilities to have an enjoyable and safe time which means that everyone needs to make safety their priority," Mr Paton said.

Service Delivery Manager Colin Bendall said swimming in irrigation channels is also strictly prohibited due to other safety hazards including submerged pipe inlets, siphons, hidden currents and steep slopes.

"An irrigation channel may seem like an appealing place to take a swim and cool down this holiday season but please think twice to avoid an accident that could change your life," he said.

For some more important tips to keep in mind when visiting a dam or weir this holiday season, view the ‘Safety tips when visiting a dam’ brochure available on SunWater’s website. Further information regarding SunWater dam levels and camping regulations is also available on the SunWater website at:

For more information on dam facilities and conditions:

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