Police move on illegal campers at Peter Faust Dam

27 Oct 2015

Members of the public are reminded by SunWater that camping is not permitted at Peter Faust Dam and any attempts to ignore signs will result in a police escort from the site.

Earlier this month, members of the public attempting to camp at Peter Faust Dam received a tap on the shoulder by police in the middle of the night.

SunWater Northern Service Manager James Mummery said it is illegal to camp at Peter Faust Dam as the site is not intended or suitable for camping.

"This particular group was putting their safety at risk and this will not be tolerated on SunWater’s private property.

"Our staff regularly patrols the dam and we reported the trespassers to the police.

"This is particularly disappointing behaviour given there are plenty of designated camping locations in the Proserpine area", Mr Mummery said.

Queensland Police Service Acting Inspector Gavin Oates from Mackay District said the Police are concerned about members of the public who ignore signs, trespass on private property and put themselves in danger as well as break the law.

"Members of the public are reminded that it is illegal to camp on private property for a range of reasons including public safety," Acting Inspector Oates said.

"It only takes common sense to read the signs, obey the law and avoid tragedy."

Peter Faust Dam is a popular fishing destination located near Proserpine and supplies water for irrigation in the area.

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