New online tool to forecast dam water storage outlook

13 Nov 2015

SunWater has developed a new online tool that will allow the public to examine the 12 month outlook for future dam water volumes across regional Queensland.

SunWater’s Chief Executive, Peter Boettcher, said that the information was designed to provide customers with an understanding of how a range of inflow scenarios might affect future dam water storage volumes.

"The tool shows a graph of the future 12 month dam volumes for two different dam inflow scenarios.

"The first shows the dam volumes that could be expected under the average monthly inflows that relate to each dam.

"The second is a much drier scenario and shows the dam volumes that might be possible under the minimum monthly inflows that have been experienced for each dam.

"SunWater understands the importance of customers having information about the potential water supply outlook in each scheme in order to make informed business decisions and plans about their future water usage.

"This online tool will be particularly useful for our customers that own water allocations and want to learn more about the range of potential future dam volumes in a situation where extended dry conditions might continue.

"This is an easy to use online resource that is quick to check and the information is updated daily to incorporate data about recent dam water volumes.

"Although these graphs are obviously just a guide for customers and are subject to many assumptions and uncertainties, we hope they will be a useful resource for our customers and local communities," he said.

Access to the new online tool for each of SunWater’s 19 dams is available on SunWater’s website at and then selecting the "Forecast Storage Models" link in the right menu.

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