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23 Dec 2015

Local communities living near SunWater dams, weirs and waterways can be better informed about important operational and emergency information with the launch of a new SunWater App.

SunWater’s Chief Executive Peter Boettcher said the SunWater App will be an extremely useful tool for community members living near a SunWater dam throughout the summer season when higher expected rainfall may cause dam outflows.

"SunWater is actively responding to an independent review by the Inspector-General Emergency Management earlier this year to improve warning systems relating to dam outflows and provide multi-channel options to information.

"SunWater’s App has been developed to be another communication tool which can provide timely and accurate notifications of potential dam outflows during extreme weather events and natural disasters.

"This App will compliment SunWater’s website which has recently been updated with information and resources for communities living near SunWater dams.

"If you are living near a SunWater dam, I urge you to download the SunWater App and also familiarise yourself with the useful links available on SunWater’s website.

"The SunWater App can be downloaded from the App Store or Google Play and while it is available to anyone, we strongly encourage residents living near our dams to install the app on their devices.

"The App will be used in conjunction with other multiple communication methods such as SMS alerts, social media, internet sites and radio bulletins.

"The SunWater App will also provide information and updates to keep the broader community and recreational visitor’s updated regarding community and operational activities through the convenience of push notifications and email.

"The App will not replace existing Emergency Action Plans that SunWater has in place for each dam, which are legally required and notify residents living within 15 km downstream of a dam.

Mr Boettcher said that SunWater has been working with local councils and local and district disaster management groups and the Office of the Inspector‐General Emergency Management to integrate dam outflow warnings and notifications with the broader disaster management system at local, district and state level.

"We are committed to making a positive contribution to the communities in which we operate, and we will be regularly making improvements to the SunWater App", he said.

Access to the Living near dams information and resources are available on SunWater’s website at and then select the relevant dam in the right menu.

Download the SunWater App here.

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